Black Plague – Zombicide

So I guess I have a confession to make – Zombicide ( all the various versions) generally are one of my favourite board games to play. Yes it’s not massively deep or complex but it’s fun, a little silly and difficult to win at. The base logic of the game is easy to understand and as a co-op game the players all win or lose together. It does not take itself too seriously either but it’s not a stupid game, and one where players do need tactics as well as luck to win. It does not hurt that the models in the game are really nice as well.

Black Plague is the first of the fantasy versions of the game and I got the Kickstarter version. It’s been sitting around waiting to be painted – we have other copies in the group and some people have painted copies so we have played those. So why not start this summer and get my version ready for the table all painted. This post includes half of the ‘walker zombies’ which I have – the first 20. I have been working on these for a little while now and so can show these as well as others.So down to some shots of the individual minis. I must apologize as some of these have come out quite dark . I tried to correct them as best I could but it was not perfect, especially on a couple of the shots. Ah well I hope you get the effect anyway – so much for using the iPhone for taking pictures.So here are the first set of 5 zombies. I tried to do a mixture of colours and blood splatter but have mainly used greens, browns and dark blues for clothing colours.You can see the very medieval influences on the models although some of them are obviously not true to the historical costumes.The middle one here is an example – stockings such as these were not common in the Middle Ages to my understanding! Overall, although plastic models these painted up well in my view. Sometimes such models don’t have enough indentation (sculpting relief) on the features but these are fine.Below is one of the photos which is just too dark. Hopefully this does not spoil this too much.Not sure why that lack of colour happened but it’s too take to reshoot the shot so I’ll live with it. I have just done the bases in straight grey. I thought about doing a more complex version but decided against in in the next.The final zombies are again a little dark but not quite as bad. Hopefully you can see the paint scheme ok.So there we are. Painted mini’s are much better than unpainted and makes the game come alive. These are not that hard to paint and make the game so much better.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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4 Responses to Black Plague – Zombicide

  1. Nice mate. Azazel recently suggested I get into the game

  2. Need to see some game play!

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