8th Army – Mortars and extra stuff

So after some Zombies it’s time to show the last of my 8th army figures for a little while. Here are a small selection of toys which I found/bought after I started the project as I found that I needed a few extra toys to make valid lists. First are 3″ mortars. All the foot troops are from Peter Pig. The mortars are a pretty standard item for the British and were used for close support as well as dropping smoke for advancements. Simple, nice models which work well with the force that I have. They will be useful for any game of company level or so.img_5495The second item are a couple of 2″ mortars. Again a very standard item for the British and I did get some in the standard packs but these are Peter Pig ones and nice and clear/easy for identification on the table.  These are great for smaller scale games such as Chain of Command, as each platoon at the time had a 2″ mortar for local smoke and HE supportimg_5494Next we have some Peter Pig engineers and a couple more this time mobile 2″ mortar crews – this time moving, The moving team is much harder to identify on the table but are good for extra troops if nothing else.As you can see they have been painted the same of the other figures in my force and these will be useful for various reasons. The engineers at least will also be useful for specialist roles in some scenario’s. The figures are nicer (cleaner cults and more detailed faces) than the battlefront Flames of War ones which I have used, but fit in very well with them as well.Lastly, I found another Matilda 2 tanks which I had missed painting! So I had to paint that an include this in the force. This one is another Zvezda model kit so not expensive. The only issue with these kits is that it’s not easy to spin or remove the turret, as that is a close fit, but for the price it’s hard to go wrong with the kit really.  Having an extra one of these gives me a little extra flexibility. Although not the best tank they at least provide some heavy support to the foot troops. Again this is done to match the other tanks in the force. These have already have seen the table in a Battlegroup game but I want to try them with other rules as well – Chain of Command and ‘I ain’t been shot yet mum’ are the two which I am focused on at present.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to 8th Army – Mortars and extra stuff

  1. Pat G says:

    Nice work. The Matilda should be fine for CoC the coax is better against infantry anyway.

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