Black Plague – Fatties

I showed some ‘Walker Zombies’ from Black Plague a few posts ago.  So here I include all the fatties which I have. It may not be politically correct name, but that’s what they are called in the game. They are tougher zombies and it takes a bigger weapon to kill them. Normally, most player characters have to find such a weapon, so the time is ticking for players to ‘tool up’ by searching so they can deal with these nasties.

With the kickstarter I have a total of 17 of these big guys guys. Unfortunately there are is only a couple poses for these Zombies guys so I varied the colours and blood splashes on the models. However, I still wanted to keep them in the same color palette that I have been using.img_6059You can see the front and back of the models here as well.  I tried to limit the number of shots of them so they may be a little small but I think the photo’s still work.img_6060The colours are all like I have done all the zombies – grey skins with browns and greens as the main colours. There is an occasional different colour but I have kept them fairly plain and washed out as you can hopefully see. It may not be clear but I did all their tongues purple – an after effect of the plague maybe. I also have done all the zombies with red eyes.img_6057Overall, these came out quite well. I thought about doing all the zombies in a black and white style – like one of the really good painters in the local area has done, but decided against that. Partly as I think I would fail in comparison to his excellent version and partly as these will work better with other models.img_6058Talking of that the reason for the grey skin in simply that with ‘Green Horde’ – a second game of Zombicide in this era is coming. I knew that I would be doing lots of green zombie orcs for hat, so the humans needed to be green to different from them!img_6055I still had a little of the brightness challenge in these photos but I hope they are ok. I really need to get a better photo location set up – especially for these bigger models.img_6056So there we are. I posted a summary of the game a couple of weeks ago and will continue to show the finished models. I like how they have come out well for a board game models. Having them painted makes such a difference for me in playing the game.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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