Black Plague – more walker zombies

So time to show the rest of the Zombies for Black Plague. Again these pictures are not great but I wanted to show them, as I do all my projects.  Here are another 20 zombies for the Black Plague game. Some of these came with the Kickstarter add on items but they are the same as the core game. You can see them all below.  So to these zombies are done in the same style as the others I have already shown. All browns, greens, with an occasional other colours. I must admit the suspender wearing Zombie lady did make me smile but are not politically correct…For standard board game models they actually paint up well. I was quite surprised at that. I have had challenges painting some of the models from games such as Mantic’s deadzone due to the lack of raised detail/relief in the models but did not have such a problem with these.The collection of figures is not bad really and I like how they have come out in the end. I did my usual double coat of varnish for board game models – first with Future floor polish and then a matt varnish to dull that down. This seems to allow the paint result to hold up well to game play.The basic grey bases are still a little plain. I did not do dripping/trailing blood on them but thought about it. I could try doing a paving pattern but that might actually take away from the end result so decided in the end not to do that.img_6052So there we are. All the normal Zombies from Zombicide Black Plague. Not the most thrilling subject I know but important to have all these for the game.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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