Black Plague- Runners

The third type of basic zombies in the Black Plague game are runners. Their name is self explanatory to a large degree. There are a whole pile of them and they move twice vs. the once of normal zombies and fatties. So although not as numerous as the normal zombies they are more of a threat. Also added to this their speed makes them harder to hit at range, meaning that you have to kill normal zombies and fatties in a zone before starting to target them. You can see all my painted 18 models below.  As normal, I’ll do the front and back of the particular models. Again there ware only a couple of poses – this is a board game after all, but to be honest companies such as Privateer Press are know to do that for their units, so it’s not a massive shock in the lack of variety. You can see the grey skin colour and the ‘blood splatter’. I assumed that as these guys were more deadly there was more chance of them have blood splatter on them.Overall, I also made their eye’s red like all my Zombies but some have much brighter eye than others. That was me trying different styles. I must admit looking at them now the I prefer the deep black with just a little red in the center. I thought about trying to finish the bases with a specific tiling effect but decided instead to leave them grey. That actually makes them more generic and useful for other projects. I can see these being used for Zombies in a Necormunda/Sci-fi big game for example. A gang fight in a Zombie plague or other future games.  The models have a weird look for that but many movies and TV shows use old style costumes so they will work well for this.Each of the models has a unique combination of colours, but stay in the overall theme which I used for the zombies. This was as much more my own sanity as for anything else. Too many models which are exactly the same does not a fun paint job.I must admit that the different styles of zombies really does help add to the Zombicide game and give a bit more of a challenge to the games. As each type of zombie makes for an extra risk and danger when playing the game. So there we are another lot of zombies shown off. I hope you like them. We had another game of Zombicide Black Plague this week and as normal it was fun. Whether 2 players of 6 I still find it fun and challenging. One of the best co-op board games out there which I have played so far.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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