FIW woodsmen skirmishers

I have been doing a load of board game figures over the last few weeks, so it’s time for something a little different. A long term project of mine in French Indian Wars in 15mm. I have used the Muskets and Tomahawks rules in the past, but I know there are other sets – such as the Osprey rules for the period by Dan Mersey (based on the Rampant series) as well as Sharpe Practice which I likely can use as well.

So here are 30 woodsmen or local population for such games. These models are all from Blue Moon and are a full pack of the figures. As normal with these posts I’ll show the fronts and backs of each figure.These are all based on pennies. I have a store of those as in Canada dropped using them them have become harder to get hold of here. They also have a small magnetic sheet element under them to hold them in place in the transport containers I have.You can see they are are individually styled, so no two are the same and to be honest I do like the amount of variety of poses in the pack. For a 15mm fig set you can’t really complain on the Blue Moon figure variety. The poses are good and realistic, with a good detail level on the figures which are also nice and clean models. There was little to no flash on these models.As woodsmen it seemed appropriate to have them with heavy cover on their bases. So I went to town with that as well. It means that they look in place when in rough ground or forests. I do like the overall effect. It may even remind me to keep them in cover when using them in a game, but we will see on that…These can be used as various units in the FIW and will work for Americans in an AWI engagement (either on the loyalist or rebel side). I did include some slightly more colourful items of clothing on them as a contrast, but generally kept to an earth tone pallet for their clothing.I don’t see these being used in large numbers though in games. The 30 I have here are more than enough for the games I will likely host. It’s quite likely that these may end up on both sides as well, In the FIW and AWI a lot of fighting or at least defending was done by the local population. So the local hunters and loggers etc would likely be present in many engagements.Well there was are, a bit of a change this week. I like to do that to keep my interest in painting. It’s a technique I found to keep me interested and still painting. I like to focus on a project but swapping or adding some other figures keeps me going and not bogging down. So it will be back to zombicide soon. Now just to get these in the table as it’s been a while since I did a FIW game…

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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4 Responses to FIW woodsmen skirmishers

  1. Markus Sharaput says:

    They turned out really well!

  2. Argentbadger says:

    Good work. They look very sharp for 15mm miniatures.

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