Black Plague – The Heroes

Ok so back to some Zombicide: Black Plague. After showing all the Zombies it’s time for some heroes – the player character models. You likely have seen some shots of these in previous posts of the review of the game etc anyway so thought it was time to get some close up of them here. So here we have first 10 hero models (yes I have more) and these are the ones the player characters use as themselves in the game.

The first 6 are from the base game. The rest are from the first expansion – Wolfsburg. As normal with my detailed shots you get a front and back of each model.So I’m quite happy how these have come out. They are not as good as the competition or super skilled painters can do but they are decent. Unlike most models I do these actually have a real picture to model the color schemes after. That makes these a little more of a challenge for my skills.Part of the ‘plan’ here is that the models no only ‘pop’ on the table but also are easily identifiable to the players from the character sheet which the players use. I thought about doing the bases different and may well do that in the end but I have not done it for now.I have to say these figures are very characterful and I have found that having the heroes all painted really makes a difference for the gaming experience. CMON also really did add some fun figures – the martial nun and barmaid are interesting models to say the least.The next four are all from the Wolfsburg expansion and provide some extra hero choices for players. They also provide the another non human – the ‘dark elf’ on the right. Each hero in the game also has different skills and abilities so that helps make the games different and also is a reason to paint them all up.The replay-ability for the different heroes and the random draw of zombies means that this game has a longer and larger replay life than many games. Plus all the fan scenarios add even more to this game. I got more heroes from the kickstarter so I will paint those up in time.So there we are. I’m continuing to paint Black Plague figs though as really want to have as many done as I can for a big Halloween game or two.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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