Black Plague – Crows

I was going to post a review of Dracula’s America this week but with it being a long weekend here (federal/bank holiday) I have not got that finished. So instead I’ll show the crows I recently did for Black Plague and have that ready for the coming weekend I hope. One of the cool (to me) aspects of Black Plague is the different nasties which are out there and available to use in games. One of those extra’s are the Crows. So I had to get a box of these really.

These are nasty flocks of infected birds, out to stop the heroes as well as all the other zombies. It is a typical of horror movies and the genre in general to have birds attack so this fills well in the game. So I had to get some and they are shown here. The crow models are actually quite cool and about the height of a hero in the game – roughly 28mm in size. You can see that with the hero added below for scale.
In the Crows pack you get 15 models – which are shown below. The crows move fast and ignore terrain, so they make for an different movement style to have to deal with in the game. The 15 likely in the pack will be enough for these the way they move, but a double move for crows because you have run out is probably a scary thing in the game. I must admit it would have been easy to just ‘paint them black’ – as lets be honest that’s what crows are in real life. That does not work well on miniatures though. So, I tried to go beyond that with a dark blue base, then medium grey highlights followed by a heavy dull oil wash. I’m not sure it was worth it but heck why not. The other colours I used are white for the eye’s, which you can’t really see in these pictures. I also painted the beaks pure black. You can see in the detail pictures whether this extra work was worth the extra effort. So there we are, another set of models for my Black Plague games.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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