Black Plague – Wolves of Wulfsburg

Continuing the theme of getting my Black Plague game painted it is onto the zombie wolf models. These come from the Wulfsburg expansion. Overall, I tried to keep these in a similar theme and style to the zombies etc which I already have. The concept is these are wolves which have eaten the infected zombies and thus become infected themselves. Sounds like something which could happen so a decent back story.There are 24 models here including the extras which came with the Kickstarter, but there are just 3 unique poses. For a game like this that’s not too bad really. I tried to do each model slightly different, especially doing different shades on the fur, or wounds. Below you can see both sides of each model.I was tempted to try to do them all the same, but that would be too easy in some ways but also hard on the painting mojo. Better to have some variation to make them interesting to keep going through. Some have a white or pale belly while others do not.They all have the bright red eye’s of the infected though, as why would they not. I also kept the bases simple like all the rest of the models so far. This is again in keeping with the others that I have done.In the game these are ‘fast runners’ getting 3 actions vs. 2 for the runners. This makes them especially quick and deadly for the players. Luckily, looking at the cards they don’t come in too many numbers at once but they do add extra risk in the game.We have used them once in a game so far and although a little more challenging they were not unbalancing – unlike some of the big abominations (special monsters) which can be very hard on the players.So thee we are, more monsters for my Black Plague games. What could possibly go wrong with that !

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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