Ch’in Chinese – Warring States DBA army

A couple of years ago at the local convention bring and buy (hothead) I picked up a pack labeled ‘Warring states DBA army’. I don’t believe it listed the manufacturers of the mini’s. Well it’s been a long time but all my painting of board game figures has got me itching to paint some 15mm miniatures for ancient gaming. So, it seemed sensible to get this lot out and painted. I have no idea the manufacture of these models – or their accuracy but heck they will work for what I want.

So, below are all the elements for my first Chinese army – the Ch’in Warining states (Book 2, list 4) for DBA v3.0 I looked through the pack and this was the best fit for the models in there, although I suspect the pack was created for DBA V2.2. You may gather that this won’t be the last – after all whats the point an an army without an in period opponent. But I digress.  I’ll cover the extras I got for this army/period in a different post.

Also, this posts tried out the different gallery views of the pictures. If you click on them you should get a bigger view if you want to see in more detail.

I don’t know much about the Ch’in other than the info listed on the DBA rules and what is available in Wiki etc. I have a few books on ancient china but have not spent a lot of time researching the force. I do know that this was a time of many conflicts between the different states in China at the time – roughly 500 BC to 200 BC. I decided that as these were Chinese it was a good excuse to use my purples and pinks for a color scheme, why not… The Terracotta army which is very roughly from this period are very colorfully clothed so this is also not pure fantasy as well.

The first elements are the two four hours heavy Chariots. One of these – the one with three crew will be the general. The other is another chariot which is needed in the list. The long robed, black haired crew are actually museum miniatures models. These seemed better for the crew than the ones in the pack that I had, especially as these are more important models.

Next is a single element of of Cavalry. This is an element which is mandatory in the list and the models are pretty unique as well. The ‘pumpkin style head gear’ is fun and likely should not have ben bright red, but heck why not.

The list has a single Skirmisher element as well and the pack I had included these javelin men. As a simple Psiloi element these work. They also have some I think ‘rice cloaks’ and fun fur hats.

The next element in the army provides an option.  It can be either a light horse or another Psilio element. The pack I got had both options. However, I have to say it is unlikely that I’ll be taking the Ps option that much. Light Horse are very useful in DBA. The foot option has it’s place in rough ground though so it may depend on the opponents as to see which gets used. The light horse are standard horse archers, in somewhat similar colours to the other elements in the force. The Psilio are slingers.

Now we get to the core of the army.  The first section of that are the 3 elemnts/bases of fast crossbowmen. They could as Bow’s which will provide the anti-cavalry section of the army and also the group which ‘keep opponents honest’ in infantry battles. Bows an be useful in rough going and also to just pepper an opponent to ensure they don’t try to wait things out.

Lastly, I have the offensive punch of this army, which is the 4 solid warband (Wb) elements. These are not in my opinion as good as blades but have their uses. It’s interesting that DBA classes them as warband but I guess that’s because of their more aggressive and irregular nature – where they fought as skilled individuals vs as a unit. The models are very regular and I guess they march and move as a unit but the focus on individual aggressiveness and fighting skill is the reason for that. We have all seen those Chinese historical movies I would assume, so it’s not that off. I nearly did a Chinese character on the front shields but decided against it in the end.

Lastly, for a DBA army it needs a camp to be legal. So I bought some museum miniatures for an opponent and other uses and made up this little scene from the,. More of those other models in another post. This is a martial arts practice scene for the Ch’in camp. I did mention the little info I have on this force says they are very aggressive after all.img_7048Here is another view of that. I thought this was kind of fun and something different to have this for  camp, so why not. China is well known for the martial arts and I have seen enough of their imported and dubbed movies on ancient china, including the 1970′ TV series The Water Margin.  img_7047So there we are the first DBA army I have painted in a while for sure, and that makes a little change for the blog.

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