Other Chinese – Warring States BDA army

OK with one DBA army for a single period there are limits of what I can do. After all although DBA allows any forces to face each other it is best if they are historical opponents. Also, those people who know me know that I don’t like just having a single ‘stranded’ force. I like to have matched armies or groups of forces so that I can have in various period battles. So, it likely comes as no shock that owning the Ch’in warring states army I purchased a second DBA Warring states force – this one from Museum miniatures when they had a sale.

So below are some elements for my second army or the DBA 2/4 list – this one the (d) and some (e) options vs. the (a) on the Ch’in shown last week. Oh and yes it’s name really is ‘Other Chinese Armies’ in the lists, the two options cover different periods of time. These armies have quite a few options and so I won’t cover them all here but will show all the elements for the (d) force and a few extras for the (e) list.

You will notice that the core colours are the same for these troops. That’s because although I have done a second army I really also wanted to build these two so they could work together to be a Art De L’Guerre or even big battle a DBA force. So doing a completely different style or set of colours did not make sense. I’m sure the players will be able to tell their forces apart if using both against one another in DBA. I again have used some gallery combination of shots here to provide different view of elements where I can.

This force has another Chariot based general. This guy has an umbrella though to keep the sun off him – Flash git hey!You will see that these guys also have more blue to differentiate them from the previous force, but keep the purple and pinks. This hopefully makes them stand out compared to other force I have done as well. The models are different as well which should help in that area as well.This force also has a second heavy chariot – so you can see this below. This one does not include an umbrella but rather 3 crew for their aggressive actions. These heavy chariots are some of the hardest hitting bits of these forces, although they can be hard to control in the army. The art of winning with these armies is getting the best from them.

The (e) list includes an option of a extra cavalry element so here it is below. These have a much more sensible head covering than the Ch’in version, but are just as useful. I must admit I do like the figure here as it’s quite unusual for western forces to be in such a pose for mounted troops.

These forces all have swordsmen (3Bd) or southern tribesmen (3Wb or 3 Pk) and so I have the figures below to use for those elements. They are a combination of all sorts of poses and nicely show the undisciplined style of these troops, especially compared to the other much more structured and formed elements in the army.

I have a second Javelin armed element for this force. I was annoyed that I dropped this in painting and so broke one of the end bits of the Javelin off. I also lost the end and so I’m going to need to repair that at some point. However, you get the broken version pictured below. These may also stand in for ‘archers Psilio’ from the list. In reality what they are armed with makes no difference other than visually in DBA so they will work in that role just fine.

A single crowssbow (3/4Bw) element is needed for the (d) force. I decided to use a 3Bw as this more matches all other ones I already have for the warring states armies. It makes them fast for DBA v3 which can be a blessing and curse but is something to deal with. Basically they will move faster and be effected by terrain less, but will lose on draws in combats to ‘solid’ elements.

The (d) force can have a 3 Psilio archers and so I also needed a couple more given the javelin ones above. So two extra ones are shown below. These are typical Chinese crossbow men and are useful element in any force. 3 is a little on the high side for an infantry style army though but heck just another challenge.

The (d) army list has 4 halberdiers (3Pk) which are shown below. These I painted so they are formed and defined per element but each element is different. That ensures that although they look formal and controlled a level of chaos is still in the army as they are not all uniform across the different groups. This also gives a nice same colour palette but not all in perfect uniforms look to the army,

Lastly, as I mentioned last week a DBA army needs a camp. So, here is a second camp for my Chinese armies. This one is more simple and standard for a DBA camp really. A simple tent with a watchman out front. Still it does it’s job and means that this is a second full force for my DBA gaming. I’m not sure if the tent really is in true Chinese in style. But I had this in my bits box and thought it would work, and it seems to do so.So there we are. No DBA armies for years and the two in a matter of weeks. Just like the buses as they would say when I was growing up.


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