Extra Chinese to make an ADLG army

So, to finish my series of posts on the waring states forces I have a different collection of a few extra troops. These can be used to create various forces including the Yueh army option which is DBA 2/4b. These all provide additional options to the two forces I have. The added bonus is that I can also use these to make a full Waring states Art De La Guerre army (ADLG). I have yet to play that but really fancy trying the game.

These all fit into the purple, blue, red and pink colours scheme of the other forces. So they can be used generally in all the forces. As with the other posts on this I have used the gallery function to show off the various forces. Most, if not all of these figures are again from Museum miniatures Chinese range.

To start with lets have a shot of all the figures I now have in the army. I doubt I will use all of them together but it provides a nice ends point to these three blog posts to show all the figs. Showing the additional elements added in this post, first we have the extra medium foot Elements. These can be used as replacements for the various forces that I have shown previously.

Extra archers are a must to match the additional medium foot and so you can see them below. They are all crossbow armed and match the medium foot. They give another option for building out the ADLG force to 200 points.

Especially in the ADLG Heavy foot are useful, so having some additional element of those is useful. However, I don’t have too many extra’s of these, just two more elements and I suspect to be an optimum list I might want a few extra of these.

The ADLG list allows some hordes to be used, so I have three of these. They are enough to create a cheering section or a second line and also fulfill a couple of options in the DBA lists. In the end I got many more figs for these units than I needed and as you can see I have used them for some of the camps, Aux/Wb an even commander bases. However, they work nicely for their original purpose as well.

As well as the formed forces I also added some additional Auxiliary/Warband bases etc. These are something which the DBA forces have a little but are able to be expanded for ADLG. They are different types of medium foot. Really not sure how useful they will be but heck I had the figures.

I also have an additional Skirmishing archer element. These are useful for all armies and the Chinese forces seem to have a decent number of them.

Another thing I added is an additional base of light horse. These are just too useful for many forces and also are needed for some of the other DBA lists.

One thing that is needed for an ADLG force are the Commander bases. The Commanders are on 40mm round bases which shows them very clearly on the table. These are all taken from the museum Miniatures packs. These area not specific commander bases but I think look ok for me. In fact I think the long dressed figure is officially female but I think they work well for the role. They look sufficiently regal for Chinese commanders. The dead figure adds to the position and the flag character in red is just made up.img_7042img_7043The full army is shown below again. It is a different view from the first view, as this is more from above. This view shows the basing off nicely as well as me being able to work out exactly how many elements I have when I look back!Lastly I thought I would show them all packed away… I likely will in the end put magnets on the bottom of these to allow easy travel options, as at the moment I have to keep this straight to avoid damage to the elements.Looking at this force, I think I’m missing a couple of elements though. An extra Light horse, an extra cavalry and 4 more elements of 4Blade/heavy infantry would I think allow me to play all the options for this force – in DBA and ADLG. We will see if I ever bother to do those those though, as I want to try this force on the table a few times before that.

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