Black Plague – Abominations and Necromancers

Well as it’s halloween season – or so the stores keep trying to tell me, it’s time to show off the rest of the Zombicide black plague base set and Wulfsburg expansion. These are mostly models which come with the standard game, but in this case I have a few extra’s because of the kickstarter.

First we have the Wolf Abominations or as they name the model the WOLFBOMINATION. That’s a mouthful for sure and does not run off my tongue. I did the two models quite similar but one has a red tint, while the other is more blue. Both are quite nasty looking and intact in the game we have found them utterly deadly.
This is the wolf abomination in Wolfsburg and every time it has come out it kills our party… so much so that in the last game we removed it’s cards for this from the deck. Don’t worry we still lost of died horribly, but at least we have a chance. There are fan made house rules which make this a little easier to deal with which we might try at some point. Still it’s a great model and really looks the part of a fast and deadly killer.The second are the two standard and original abominations from the core set. This again is a mean looking model. Normally you get one of them but because of the kickststarter I have two. As is now a theme you see I did not want to paint them identical so changes a few of the colours between the models.This guy again is ‘souped up’ on something and has a definite hulk vibe going on. Of course a dead hulk but still…The effect that they tried to hang him and failed look is kind of cool as well. An escaped and very angry prisoner it seems.

In the game he is deadly but slow – especially compared to the wolf above and so is easier to handle, with a little planning and luck. He can be avoided while the wolf can’t be, as we have found to our peril. Without house rules you just need a single one of these models but it is fun the have 2 and you can use them in some scenario’s at a push.Lastly, but definately not least are the Necromancers. The ultimate bad guys in the game of Black Plague. In the game background these are the ones which triggered the plague which killed lots of people and turned them into zombies. They still manipulate the zombies and are working their ultimate control of everything. It’s easy to lose a game if multiple necromancers spawn onto the board and then escape off it. This has happened multiple times to us and you have to watch for these guys and kill them if you get the chance in the game.As you can see I have 2 ‘standard’ Necormancers here, one of which I painted purple and the other with a pink base. The basic game has one but you can make it more delicacy by allowing multiple Necromancers on the board – which we do. I also changed some of the other item colours a little between the figures to make them even more different. This makes it easy to differentiate them from each other and they are also easy to spot even in a horde of Zombies.

The figure on the right is another Necromancer but she has her own control cards and special rules. This is Queen Medea and her special rules make her harder to kill than the other Necromancers. She hides behind all the other zombies in an area so it’s impossible to target her unless she is on her own. Well it would not be a fantasy game without an evil lady who can cause trouble would it really!So there we are, that’s all the base figures done but I still have loads more to paint and show here.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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