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More Cryx stuff

Ok so after doing loads of different things (as you can see on the blog) it’s time to turn back to a few Warmachine models. I have a whole collection of these and I occasionally pull one out to paint … Continue reading

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Cowboys in 28mm

A few years ago I did a whole set of 15mm cowboys and we played a couple of games with them, but they never got too much use. Although economical for storage and cost 15mm individual skirmish games are tough … Continue reading

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Black Plague -Yet more Heroes

So while here I might as well stick to the theme and show the remaining Black Plague heroes that I have done. This wraps up all the Kickstarter heroes (and adds another necromancer) to the figures I have painted for … Continue reading

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Black Plague – Extra Heroes

So following on the Halloween from a couple of weeks ago, it seems appropriate to continue showing my painted figs for the Zombicide: Black Plague game. So here are some more Hero models for players to use. Again these are … Continue reading

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