More Cryx stuff

Ok so after doing loads of different things (as you can see on the blog) it’s time to turn back to a few Warmachine models. I have a whole collection of these and I occasionally pull one out to paint it as something different. So these have been done over a period of time – and waiting for a good time to finish the post.

First one is one I don’t know if it even is used in the rules any more, but is a cool model. This is a wrecked Cryx war machine. If nothing else it will be a cool terrain piece and maybe an objective in other games as well. This is all metal so quite heavy as well.
Next we have a large evil looking war machine. This is a big model and one which I got in years ago, but it still is plastic, so it’s not that old compared to some in my collection. It was a hard one to put together and that is not my favorite part of doing models anyway. It was also a funny one to paint as it is an awkward model. It’s big but not heavy. As pretty much all my Cryx stuff (and all the ones in this blog) this came from a second hand collection somewhere along the line.

The gun is an interesting item on this model as not many of the Cryx warmachines have ranged weapons. At least not the ones I have anyway.

I did this in the same ‘color scheme’ as all my Cryx stuff – dirty metals and greens with an occasional different colour as a highlight. The basing is a bit different than my normal ones for these models as I used cork to give it some height. That actually work nicely for rocks for thee models. That was needed to make sure the pose actually worked on the base.  The four legs and two arms give this models more of a horror aspect than some of the range. So that’s kind of cool as well.
Next is I believe a warcaster (so mage/hero) model. I’ll be honest and say I need even bothered looking up the guys name – but the model has definite Japanese Manga influences with the large silly sword.

The model also having a bird on his wrist is an interesting touch as well. Overall, I was not really happy with the photo’s of the model – it does look better in person. It just feels a little too techie for a fantasy world but it would work for an evil super villain if using the Cryx for that.

This next model is another manga influenced one it seems. It’s a dramatic sort of kneeling/deferential pose for the figure as you can see. Again, the greens and metals match the other figures in the Cryx faction that I have done.

Still again it will be a good one generally for the general use even though again the sword looks silly IMO rather than looking good. But that’s all in what I or others see in the style. I likely would not have bought this model on it’s own because of it.

Lastly,  there was a lady – which I believe goes with the previous model in the Cryx faction. Again I am so out of touch with Warmachine that I really did  to even look up and work it out… I just painted the fun model.

Still as mentioned above I’m sure that she can be used for various things – whether in a super hero or fantasy setting. I decided to use a nice bright red as a contrast to the greens in the rest of the Cryx force. 

As a final note, we will see how my use of the wordpress editor for formatting works with the photo’s in this post. So if it looks a complete mess then I won’t try it again otherwise I’ll see how it goes for other posts in the future.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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1 Response to More Cryx stuff

  1. Argentbadger says:

    I like the paint work here, in particular the gun on the Warjack.

    I believe that the first Warcaster is actually one of the incarnations of Vyros from the Retribution of Scyrah faction. Presumably the large silly sword is intended to match the large silly shoulderpads…

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