Guardians Chronicles – Evil Androids

I managed to finish a project over the Christmas break and so it’s time to show it off before it gets on the table.  That is painting the board game Guardians chronicles. The figures are not that great (and made of cheap plastic) but I have learnt that any game miniatures are always better painted than unpainted. The game itself is an old one but has some mixed reviews. This was also a change from the 15mm ancient Spanish I was also working on.

This game is one I was given by a friend who got it through the kickstarter project years ago and did nothing with it. I like Super heroes but have painted very few of them and played even few games around them. So this was a great excuse to get to play some painted and then try out an interesting game as well.So, the first two pictures are of the 10 androids which are ‘climbing specialists’ – The pose I guess is meant to be spider like. They are called Araknoids in the game and I think my favorite model of these ones. The pose is a little odd, but it works. The figures are not the greatest but they will be ok for genetic bad guys – ‘mooks’ who will die quite a lot in the game. The models are also little small for typical 28mm- they are approx. about 4 foot tall in scale, but they will be ok for super hero games. The next set of models are called Gynoids. I think there was supposed to be 10 of these as well but there were only 9 in the game. These are taller – maybe 5 foot in 28mm scale.These are gun/ranged heavy models in the game. They definitely have a female appearance – for robots created by an evil bad guy. Again, the quality of the material they are made in is a factor here in the end result but although not perfect they will work for the game. You can see that even with the best will in the world not all of them will stand up straight.The last set of models are just called Androids. These remind me of the ‘Terminator’ but are white and black in the game artwork. As you can see, rather than try to do anything with the small bases these are on I just painted them flat black. This seems to work quite well for them really. It will match the game board as well.They are (according to the background) the basic robot models and impressively strong. So, again although they resisted my attempts to get them all the stand up perfectly straight they will work for their intended role.So there we are. These allow the game to be played with painted toys and that does make a huge difference in my opinion.

Note, this is my 401st blog post and I thought I should mention that. That’s quite an achievement to me – one which I did not expect when I started this blog. Doing these posts has kept me painting for many busy (with other things) years and that painting helps keep me sane. So I hope to continue on with this for any more, oh and thanks for visiting this blog.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Guardians Chronicles – Evil Androids

  1. Argentbadger says:

    Good work, especially for fairly low-quality miniatures. I think that the paint job will do very nicely for board gaming. The poses of the first set seem a bit weird – what are they supposed to be doing?

    Congratulations on 401 posts too.

    • mellis1644 says:

      Thank you for the compliment and the congrats as well, I have no idea what the first pose is supposed to be – goose-stepping at a guess… I’ll do a report of the game when we finally get to play it.

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