Ancient Spanish – Mounted and Skirmisher extras

So after showing the various DBA armies which I can and have made with the Spanish I painted, it is time to show some of the remaining figures. These are extra which I have from the various purchases and will be used when using these figures for either Art de la Guerre or more likely for Hail Caesar games. The first set of figures are the extra foot Skirmishers.

The last few posts have shown that I have a decent amount of these already, That said, here are three more. They again follow the same theme with all the rest of the army and all these are slingers

I should make a quick note on the basing. I have tried to do it to be generic enough to cover lots of locations around the Mediterranean. Yes these guys are Spanish who mostly fought a defensive war against Rome and Carthage. However, they were also mercenaries with those armies and others, so I although I may change this a little, I want the colours and basing to work with other armies I plan on doing as well. So you will see the same style of basing for many of my ancient ‘Roman period’ armies.

The three light horse bases I have shown previously only somewhat cover the Light horse needed for the Spanish in the larger games. So here are another 6 bases of light horse, taking my the total have to an awkward 9.

Even at this time the Spanish were known for their light horse troops so I wanted to ensure that I had a reasonable amount available. Even at this time it seems the light horse were the typical style used though with true battle cavalry being rarer.

Again, this is also another troop which may well find themselves being used in other armies as Spanish light horse were mercenaries. The Romans for the period in most rules have Spanish horse in those army lists so there is one for certain.

Espeically for Hail Caesar having a good number of these are useful as they will allow me to recreate the mobile aspects of the Spanish Army. Even for ADLG I did need some extra light horse to make up a decent list.

Lastly for this post, here are 4 more Cavalry elements. Again, with the Spanish horse tradition this is an excuse to have more of these, especially for Hail Caesar games.

Cavalry were not the powerhouse of the ancient world at this time, as the stirrup had not been invented -making the possible blows and horse control a mounted man could deliver less powerful than later times. These still have a place though, as Alexander the Great showed that at the right time a cavalry charge could be devastating all the same. So, although not plentiful these should give me extra numbers of such troops in bigger games.

These figures mainly use the large shield as mentioned in some wargames rules/and background for the heavier cavalry. However, I’m not so convinced that shield size would be exclusively used by these troops. So I mixed it up a bit, as that looks more natural to me, although keeping the large shields mostly in these formed mounted elements.

You can also see the continued use of white and red in the models, but with each figure remaining unique. The force looks like a full group with a theme, but at the same time it’s clear that these guys are not uniformed and formally drilled as say the Roman army would be.

Thats it for now, that’s the extra mounted and skirmishers for the Ancient Spanish. These plus the ones shown perviously give my force a good mounted and skirmishing arm.


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