Zombicide – VIP 1 box

I wanted to continue showing my VIP zombies for Zombicide: Black Plague. So, here are my painted ones from the VIP pack 1. I must admit I could have taken these photo’s in better (brighter) light, and maybe even painted them with a few lighter highlights but there we are. They will work for the game and do add a lot more options and variety for the NCP/VIP zombie type in the game. You can see here are the 20 extra NPC zombies from this pack.

These first 4 are (or rather were) scantily dressed and definitely are not your normal fantasy peasant. But they work for zombies just as well as anything else, I guess.

Next we have a group of hangmen/Jailers. You can see here these are like all the figures done in different colours.

Even though the Zombicide models are plastic they still have good details and contain things like the keys you can see on the back of the figure below. Interestingly some of these models are nice like that but others can be a little lacking in such nice details.

Being fantasy Black Plague NPC’s can even be non human. You can seen of them below, the Zombie Dwarf.

I must admit this was one of the harder models in this set to paint. Although well detailed I found the face and hair quite a challenge to highlight and bring out. Looking at these photo’s it’s not clear either – the poor lighting does not help either.

Next we have a normal lady, with a cloak and hat. This is a much more of a ‘house wife’ look than the first lady of the group.

The cloaks are better seen below, even though not well photographed, I hope you can see the shading I added.

Lastly, we have a foreigner, who looks to have some very Arab influences. Even the small shield, the cool hat/helmet with a fabric lining and long scarf did not stop him becoming a zombie though!

Again, you can see the different colours I used in making these models each unique.

So there we are. This week the photo’s are not great to my apologies for that (some days here with winter still holding it’s grip getting good lighting can be a challenge), but I wanted to get these put up on the blog, as I have done them for a while now.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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