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Iron Cross intro game

With Great Escape Games releasing ‘Seven days to the Rhine’, there has been added interest in the first version (Iron Cross) of those rules in our group. Well mostly from me to be honest as I do quite like those … Continue reading

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Blood Red Skies – Messerschmitt Bf 109 E

Well it’s been a month since I showed the Blood Red Skies Spitfires so it’s time to show off their opposition, the 109’s. Some call them Me 109’s ( for Messerschmitt) but officially they are Bf’s. Included here are the … Continue reading

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Zombicide – VIP 2 box

This weekend is looking very busy so I thought I’d post early today. This week I’ll show the last of the NPC zombies – another 20 models from the second Black Plague NPC set. These have been completed for a … Continue reading

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Marian Mules – Red Roman Legionnaires

This is the start of an army which I have wanted to do for a long time – the late Republic Roman forces. After the fun of playing ancient games at Hotlead and the fact that I have completed some … Continue reading

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