Zombicide – VIP 2 box

This weekend is looking very busy so I thought I’d post early today. This week I’ll show the last of the NPC zombies – another 20 models from the second Black Plague NPC set. These have been completed for a while now so time to get them on the blog.

I believe this set is a little rarer than the others but this adds up to make a decent collection of models which function as another type of zombie in the Black Plague game. There are another 20 models in this set. They also provide an interesting mechanic of players keeping at least one unique pose model of each their killed zombies till they can trade 5 uniques in for a cool equipment item. That makes the game easier but has an added twist – the more figs the players keep the less there are for spawning and so double moved become more likely for the remaining models on the board…

The first set are jesters and are quite colorful. As normal in my painting of these no two are the same. I did the cloaks somewhat similar though and now regret that a little as those could have been a different. I still went for a slightly ‘tardy’ look of them – after all they are recently dead, so cleaning is not high on their agenda. That means I used a dark wash anyways on these.

The next figure pose is a clocked old person. This model actually looks quite like some of the old Vampire movie characters. However, to my mind but he is just another Zombie in this game – although a NPC one.

It’s a weird pose really – with a shrug. Looking at the cloak maybe this is supposed to be rich person. Either way in this game it’s a zombie and a target for the players to kill.

Next we have a Zombie maid. This is also a lot more traditional pose and worked much better for having a large amount of blood splatter. After all there is the concept of the messy maid- just this time it’s a zombie!

These photo’s are a little darker than I would prefer but they still show the models and the results of my daubing paint on them. They are far from perfect but work very well on the table – which is the main thing after all.

The nun is another common theme in horror movies. The good people being turned to evil seems to be a trope for the movies. So why not have it in Black Plague – yes Zombie nuns make their appearance in this set as well.

In reality I suspect they had to do this one for the horror fans. If you remember the Cardinal was in the first set and there is a nun hero model in the core game so the religious theme gets a shake down for sure. Again a decent amount of blood splatter seemed to be appropriate for this model.

The last of the set is a zombie bard. I think it’s an elf with the pointy ears, which is another fantasy staple. I must admit I found this figure hard to paint for some reason. It has loads of folds etc but for some reason or other I found it not a fun one to deal with or to do well.

I think the hair was the hardest piece to do. Although the model has loads of folds in the the throw and tunic this hair was actually quite flat. The guitar and clock also made for a ‘messy’ area to paint, which added to the complexity. Still it’s done now.

So there we are, the final Zombie NPC’s. We still have to play a game with these in the set as well – but they looks to add another challenge to our already had Black Plague games.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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