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Marian Mules – Yellow Roman Legionnaires

I have previously showed my Republican Romans which I completed a few weeks ago and called them the ‘red’ ones. Now you can see why I called them red vs just saying they were Romans. Although modern media always shows … Continue reading

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Blood Red Skies – 7 Hurricanes and a Spitfire

Time to show a little more of my Blood Red Skies WW2 collection as I have finished a few more. As I have mentioned perviously, I’m only doing the Battle of France/Britain (and maybe Malta if I decide to do … Continue reading

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Panzer IV H’s

With the game of Iron Cross last week it triggered the creative juices to get some models painted. I have a small set of models from GAMING MODELS and have them for a number of years. So it seemed … Continue reading

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Marian Mules – Red Roman Support and Command

To follow up on the post where I showed my ‘Red Roman legion’ foot it’s time to show the ‘supporting cast’ for that army. This makes enough figures for either a DBA/Triumph! or a standard 200 point Art de La … Continue reading

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