Panzer IV H’s

With the game of Iron Cross last week it triggered the creative juices to get some models painted. I have a small set of models from GAMING MODELS and have them for a number of years. So it seemed appropriate to try these out and paint them up. So below you can see the 5 Panzer IV H’s from them.

These do come prepainted – well the resin is sparypainted but I wanted to give these a colour scheme that sort of matched the rest of the force. I have done these with a more brown base and a darker brown (umber) colour for the markings than my previous tanks. That should allow them to stand out. Also, one of the things which I have found from reading is that German tanks and especially between different types of tank units rarely had a consistent colour system. So these will work with the force as I did not want them all to be exactly the same.

Overall, I have to say the models are nice and they are marketed as gaming pieces vs. true fine scale models, which is exactly what they are. The models are made from resin and seem pretty solid – although I am a little wary of the barrels being breakable in that material. That seems ok in these Panzers but I can see that being a much bigger risk in the ones with long gun barrels such Panthers/Tigers etc.

These Panzer IV H’s will work for Russian, Italy and Normandy games really. Overall, I prefer the plastic models over these but for the price and having them I cannot really go wrong. I just hope the barrels survive gaming and transport.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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