Blood Red Skies – 7 Hurricanes and a Spitfire

Time to show a little more of my Blood Red Skies WW2 collection as I have finished a few more. As I have mentioned perviously, I’m only doing the Battle of France/Britain (and maybe Malta if I decide to do Italians). Also as the only person in the local group doing this I really have to paint and provide sides. So after the Spitfires and Me109’s the other iconic fighter for the period is the Hurricane. I had to have some of them available for games – and now I do.

Here you can see a box of the Warlord Hurricanes painted, along with 1 of the ace fighter boxes for a Spitfire and a Hurricane. All the Hurricanes have white prop (the noses at the front of the plane), which seemed to be typical of the period for them. This also makes it easy to differentiate between these and the Spitfires, (which have pack props), although the shape and size difference of the two aircraft make it easy for all plane enthusiasts to tell them apart at a glance.

Again I used the decals from Miscellaneous Miniatures ( and that really finishes off the planes to my mind. The Hurricane is a slightly larger plane than the Spitfire – it’s more chunky if you like. It was much more of a workhorse vs a thoroughbred of the spitfire.

That said it was very successful in the early war and in many ways it not the Spitfire really won the Battle of Britain. It inflicting more casualties than the Spitfire and like that various models flew throughout the whole war. It was not that far from the performance of the 109 or Spitfire but was a very solid and capable fighter all the same.

On four of the models I did the early war underside of black and white half’s. This was a uniquely odd British color scheme so kind of had to do it. I’m not sure if it really worked but was used on Hurricanes it seems pre-war and even during some of the Battle for France/Operation Dynamo. By the Battle of Britain it had likely been replaced/phased out but I thought I would paint 4 of my planes with this. When you encounter something like this why not use do it.

As I mentioned I got a couple of the ace packs. A Spitfire and a Hurricane. The amount that I play of Blood red Skies the extra cards and unique rules for named aces likely won’t be of any real value. So they really are a bit of a splurge and not worth the cash but I thought I would get at least one of them.

The Spitfire ace again got a unique id letter, like all the planes which I have have done. Those unique identification codes for all them mean in theory I can use those for identification in games. This should make it a little easier when hosting games with people. As I mentioned most/all of my games will be when I put games on so I don’t expect a lot of use of the advanced rules for unique aces etc. Still it’s nice to have that option in games.

All the other Hurricanes, including the spitfire (the right most one below) have the duck egg green underside. This was the typical one for all RAF planes in the Battle of Britain. Their undersides are seen more than you may think in Blood Red Skies because of the unique flip advantage stands but still this is a safe choice for the colors.

So there we are. Another 8 planes for my collection. This should give me more than enough British fighters to do any scenario that I want in 1/200 scale games – whether BRS or another game. I do dance trying the Too Fat Lardies ‘bag the hun’ game at some point and these will be perfect for that as well.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Blood Red Skies – 7 Hurricanes and a Spitfire

  1. Rick says:

    “On four of the models I did the early war underside of black and white half’s. By the Battle of Britain it had likely been replaced/phased out ”

    I believe I’ve read that the B&W undersides still existed on a few Hurricanes in the BoB that had fought in the BoF but had not yet been repainted, so although it would have been rare, it would not have been unheard of.

    • mellis1644 says:

      Thanks Rick for the clarification and comment. I thought like you there may be a few left for the BoB and it’s such a unique paint scheme that I had to do it. I really wonder if it had any significant effect, but it’s interesting enough to show and have for the reason alone.

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