Marian Mules – Yellow Roman Support and Command

A few weeks ago I showed my new yellow legionaries so it’s time to reveal their command and cavalry support. These are very much like the red legions I have done previously (and I fact the same figs to a large degree) but they now provide me with more flexibility for the force. It also allows me to use both sets of figures in civil wars – of which there were many in the late republic/early empire period.

First up are the Cavalry. Four bases of these is all the Yellow legion gets – but that’s more than enough in most games such as ADLG. Even in Hail Caesar this is 2 units should be enough. The way I do it, with 15mm games is 2 cav bases make a unit so these work out perfectly. This is enough for historical games. The legions were never known for their cavalry.

Speaking of the Roman legions I have been listening to ‘The history of Rome’ podcast again while working on these. If you like history and listen to podcasts I heartily recommend this one. A really well done and comprehensive pod. It is a few years old now, which means it’s all complete as well so you can listen to loads of them!

I was quite happy how these legionary cavalry have come out. Although the pose is a little annoying (with their javelin raised) they work ok. All these models are again from OldGlory15’s. They generally are nice models and great value for what they are. They can have a few odd poses at times but none in these ones – although I would have preferred some none raised javelin poses in this set.

Then we have the light horse. Just two bases of these but again enough for the army lists of the period. Romans had even less light cavalry and that they did have was used for scouting not really battlefield manoeuvres. Also, the raised javelin works better for these troops as they are not so tight on the base.

The flocking on the bases are done like the others in the force, so these troops will fit nicely in with all the other troops I have.

Lastly, for this post at least, we have the commanders bases. The Commanders are again oldglory15’s – taken from the Republican command pack. I have 4 yellow bases for commanders. The two below have 3 figs a piece which nicely indicate a standard commander.

Below are the same stands but from a different angle. Again I liked how these have come out and so used most of the command figures I had for these bases.

The remaining two command stands I have done with 2 and 4 figs a piece. I like how you can make little dioramas with these bases to make them have some character. Rome’s Stories are full of commanders with their troops in battles so this works really well. Roman commanders rarely sat at the back of an army but lead from the front.

I include 3 different view of these last bases. These are the bases which give the most flexibility and creativity for these armies. I expect these having different numbers of figs will hopefully allows me to identify them on the table top with ease as well.

So there we are. Another set of 15mm figures for games in the ancient period, I’m all set for doing the civil wars of Pompey and Caesar. Well I will have more to show but that’s it for today

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. Markus Sharaput says:

    Coming together nicely.

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