WW2 Soviet extra MG and Mortar teams

I have been looking at trying out different rule sets for WW2. I’m not 100% satisfied with the current ones I use even though I really don’t have a lot of time these days to read new rules. Realistically, I’ll continue to play chain of command, bolt action and iron cross but I always have an eye on other rule sets as well. I’m looking at trying Peter Pigs’s Poor Bloody Infantry, Crossfire and Blitzkrieg command at some point. For at least the first two of these the forces are at the squad level – and the last can work at that level as well. I want a simple but tactical game which does not look like the Flames of War tabletop tank park…

However, in my Soviet forces although I have a load of figures I don’t actually have any small base LMG sections. most of the above games do have the LMG teams separate which makes it a bit of a challenge to play those games with my current collection.

My figs/bases were set up for FoW (always big bases for soviet infantry) and Bolt Action (individual based figs). So here I’m showing the results of converting some figures to be small log teams for the soviets. Note, the figures are actually left over from me getting some soviets from a friend (David). Their paint job is similar to mine but their basing was very different. I have not used these models though – they were just in a box so I decided to use them for this. You can see the results below – first with minor changes. I also pulled out the few interesting bases which will be useful for games at this scale.

Above you can see the basing of the figures is different than the one on the left – which are my standard soviet basing. I decided that the above bases were good to go with just a repainting of the edges. They give me another HMG base, two light mortars and a LMG stand for no real effort. I know I could have taken the figures off the bases and made them like my others but I was not sure it was worth it.

Now the rest of the figures I had to rebase and you can see them all below.

I did this by taking apart a 4 or so large FOW bases and adding a few spare LMG figs I had painted. I ended up with 11 new separate LMG bases. That should be enough extra bases – with the one above (so 12 LMG bases in total). I will not need for any more for a company level game set.

Below you can see the bottom left base is one that I did a many years ago with my original Soviets. The other 5 are from this weeks work. You can see that the new ones are a little brighter, (I do not write down paints so had to work out what I used etc.) but I think they are close enough to fit in with the others in the force. I think the difference is I did a black undercoat originally and only did a grey one for these.

Below you can see 6 of the new bases with the ‘old base’ off to it’s side. Again I think these will work and fit in nicely. They match close enough to be of use without standing out too much. As I said the first 4 bases above do, but I decided I likely will use those so rarely it’s not worth rebasing those.

So there we are – more Soviets. These should allow me more options for those different games though, which is good.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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4 Responses to WW2 Soviet extra MG and Mortar teams

  1. Markus Sharaput says:

    Oddly enough, I’ve also been painting soviets . . .

  2. Crossfire ww2 doesn’t have separate lmg teams as far as I remember, as each stand counts as a squad. HMGs are a separate squad though.

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