Extra German infantry teams

So after last weeks Soviets I thought I would show the other extra teams that I have done, this time Germans. These are all from Peter Pig miniatures this time – well, all apart from a single figure anyway. First I’ll show the Mortars. I don’t have any for my current German force and so it seemed a good idea to get a couple of bases of them so that they can support my German infantry. I believe these are 82mm mortars but at a push they could be used as 120mm as needed. The size difference in 15mm really that big IMO.

Now we have some LMG’s. These are the classic pose for them in my opinion. So I had to get some of these from Peter Pig. There is also the one guy in the ‘Rambo’ pose – stood up to get a better shot. It may look great on the movies but in real life it’s very bad for life expectancy in a firefight… Still it they look good, and it would not surprise me if it happened once in a while.

The second set of LMG’s are all ones with the figures standing up. They are either in the in the two guys firing – with the loader supporting the barrel or just moving into position. The stood up firing position is historical but can’t have been that accurate. Still with enough training I guess it wold work. I have followed the same basing style as the rest of my German infantry so these should fit into the force with ease. One of these models – the guy with the soft hat is a spare one I had lying around and I used it to build up the correct figure numbers. It is a battlefront Russian but will work for what I need here.

After taking these these pictures and then looking at them, I realized they did not really do the poses justice. So too the show below so you can see some of the detail from the side. They are very nice models and easy to paint as well. The lighting for this extra shot was different though – done in my basement, but you get the idea of the figures. I do need to get a better lighting rig set up – I have one but just have yet to use it.

Lastly, I did also got pack of German flame throwers from Peter Pig. Again this is as I don’t have any in my German army so it seemed a reasonable addition. The Flame Thrower is a nasty weapon to face and most games have them being very effective, but also vulnerable. German engineer teams used them effectively throughout the war. Here are 3 small bases of them. I will point out that one of them also contains an LMG figure – so, if I so desire I can use it as that instead. After all the flame thrower is not a large weapon really and its easy to mix them.

I thought I would include a picture from above so you can see the basing from a different angle. The summer long grass and ‘bad grass’ look I think works well for the late summer/fall in Russia. These should even work for battles on the outskirts of Stalingrad etc. I think the look will also work for most of the fighting in Italy and Sicily. The soil is a little dark for that really but it will do. At a push they can (oh and will) be used for Normandy and the fall of Germany as well.

So there we are. These should allow me to play games which need more separate LMG teams in the forces. It also provides smaller squads for games such as Iron Cross. Oh and as a final though, I will wish everyone has a happy Canada Day – from here at least. We get to have a day off to celebrate the creation of the nation here.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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