Marian Mules – Gladiators, Skirmishers, Elephant and Art

I have shown the red and yellow Roman Republican legions previously, so it’s time to bring out the support troops which I have painted for those forces. First we have some Gladiators. These are from Museum miniatures and I got a pack of one of each sculpt plus I think some random repeated ones which they have. I was tempted to paint some up individually for small scale games but I already have 28mm gladiators – which are occasionally used, so better to base them up for games such as this. Gladiator games don’t take up a lot of space anyway so these have been used for ‘bigger games’.

You can see that I did 2 bases of separate 15mm deep 4 base figs and then one 30mm combined one. These should be good for DBA forces and also for ADLG armies. I tried to ensure that various skin colours and gladiators styles are shown across the bases – although the majority are caucasian/middle eastern as I expected that was the case in reality of gladiators who were nearly always slaves in Rome.

Next, up we have more gladitors – this time on 20mm (and 40mm) deep bases and 3 per base. Some of the DBA forces use gladiators in this format. With the figures I had I decided to do bases for thistle as well. Note, some rules have an option of having Gladiators as medium infantry vs the heavy as the previous 3 bases. In reality they were not trained for close packed infantry so medium infantry may actually be a better designation for them in larger games.

You notice that I did a double base for each of these styles of forces. That should allow me to make a Hail Caesar units if I desire as well. The double depth basing will be usable in ADLG as well as a single unit. This basing also allowed me to use all the models in the pack and create the above units. Although the double based elements do not not quite meet the figure numbers specified in the rules I doubt anyone will confuse these bases with any other units in a standard historical game.

Next we have the allied skirmishers for the Republican Romans. I just have a few of these as I generally have a load of Spanish (and others such as Gauls eventually to paint) which can be used as well. But I did a few more slingers with shields. These will again work for both sides. Interestingly one of the thing Roman forces seems to not have loads of are skirmishers – I guess with the heavy foot they could overpower most opponents.

I would like to do some dedicated Roman slingers – the Velites of earlier time and have some in the lead pile to do. They have a specific look and I will get to them when I paint earlier Romans. However, to be historical correct these models are actually better for the skirmishers of the late Republican forces.

As the Romans used allies for these troops – not real but poor Romans as in pervious times they would not be the dressed the same as the legions. So I varied these but made sure that they look somewhat formed. I doubt the Romans would have allowed them to just be completely random in dress. The basing is the same as always though so they will match in well with the forces as well.

Next we have the Artillery. Not used that often in field engagements but I wanted to provide the option for this. In DBA they can be fun once in a while to use. They can be interesting and a fun edition in the game. For this I have an Onager – a sort of catapult that the field army used as well as bolt thrower.

These again are from the Museum miniatures range and provide some extra options for the the forces. I really wanted to have these as much because they were fun to paint. They were manned by troopers of the legions and so I wanted to ensure that they all looked the part – which I think they do. Although they have red armbands I’m sure that that they will work for either legion.

Lastly an Elephant. This is an option in lots of rules – the Romans don’t get many of them but it seemed like an option that I could not turn down on having. Now this would not be part of the formal Legion and so I have painted it as much as something of an add on. The troops in it are definitely not part of the legion – I suspect it would be a wary Roman Legionnaire who would fight in one of these beasts vs. in the foot forces. This is actually a Carthaginian Elephant from the Museum miniatures range – so this seems perfect for the allied Roman troop supply.

So there we are some interesting troops to support my Marian Romans. These all should work well and provide some colour options if nothing else for my Romans.

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