Blood Red Skies – Messerschmitt Bf 110

After a little break for other projects, now is a good time to show some of the additional planes that I have finished for Blood Red Skies. I am a big fan of the Battle of Britain for air games, and as I have said previously, I’m aiming to have all the main planes used in the daytime battles available for games. With that in mind, one of the second wave of releases for Blood Red Skies was the Bf 110. That became a purchase I had to make really. Below you can see 7 of these – a standard 6 pack, plus the ace. I also have done an additional ace Bf109. That’s nice as it shows the difference in size of the aircraft as well.

To that point, from the shot above you can see the size difference between the Bf110 and Bf109… Although I have seen and read the stats for years on this, the picture dramatically shows the difference in the aircraft. That is a core factor why the Bf110 was not a great dogfighter aircraft.

After and actually even somewhat during the Battle of Britain the Bf110’s were actually pulled from their original role as a Zerstörergeschwader (“destroyer squadron”) service and used as night fighters/interceptors etc. It was found that although they had a ‘huge punch’ if they got a plane in-front of them, the maneuverability of Bf110’s was lacking vs more modern single seat aircraft. They needed protection from the British Spitfires and Hurricanes over time in true dogfight. The Spitfire especially was much faster and more agile which made the 110’s a bit of a liability in daytime raids.

That said, I enjoyed painting these and they are an iconic aircraft for the battle. I must admit that the canopies were a little challenge and likely a better painter would do a better job of those. Still they work. You will notice I have done the 110’s in various paint scheme’s, all based roughly on schemes which were used at the time. I have not tried to replicate any specific squadrons markings though. So for the planes below you can see two slight variations of the yellow and grey markings used for over France and England in 39 and 40 .

As with all German aircraft of the period the underside is a basic ‘cloud/sky grey’. All the waterslide markers are again from the same company I have used before -Miscellaneous Miniatures ( They finish off the planes very nicely in my opinion. I believe Warlord have finally realized they should do these type of things for the planes as well and have started including their own versions in some newer kits…

Below is the alternative paint scheme I used for the second ‘batch’ of planes. You can see this is a two tone grey with straight lines. This a scheme which saw quite a bit of use on various planes. It works well with all these aircraft, including the 109. Visually it’s different and a contrast to the British aircraft. As with all my aircraft they have unique ID numbers/letters to make it a little easier to identify who controls which plane on the table top in multi-player games.

I have yet to use these in a game so we’ll see if they play correctly – realistically they should not be as good as the single seat fighters. However, I suspect from reading on the web a little that the BRS game model may not work that way. I have heard that they are ok vs. other fighters. But it’s a game so what the heck but I may be wrong on this. We’ll see when I use them in games I guess.

Below is the underside of the above planes. The Bf110’s are nice planes to have available, as they are a legacy of the intra war concept of a heavy fighter. The P-38 lightning was by far the most successful aircraft of this type, much more so than the Bf110. I believe the Beaufighter (which is available for Blood Red Skies from Warlord) was not that bad as well. Both were much better than the 110.

So there we are – the core of my WW2 1/200 scale aircraft collection is now getting there. Next up for aircraft are some bombers I think – but I always have a projects on the go at once so those will be a little while to till they are a focus item.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Blood Red Skies – Messerschmitt Bf 110

  1. Markus Sharaput says:

    These turned out great, some really nice work. Well done!

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