Tigers and Stug’s

OK so for this week it’s more German armour. You guys and girls out there reading this blog must think I’m weird, with the variety of subjects I paint. However, part of the reason that I can keep painting and doing this hobby stuff is that I have a huge number of interests. I am that gamer magpie and rather than hiding from it I embrace it. That does means I don’t focus on one project for too long and swap between them quite often. It does means I have a lot of ongoing projects, but at the same time it means that things are fresh and if I get tired of one, I jump to another. That works for me.

It also mean that this time it’s some extra German tanks for my 15mm WW2 collection. These have been in the led pile for a while and they caught my eye and got some paint on them, even though I have not been playing too many WW2 games recently.

First, we have 5 battlefront Stug G’s. This takes my total of these up to 10 models, which should be enough for most games really. All the models are from Battlefront. I have tried to do them in groups of three and the first set have no side panels – officially called Schürzen. Those were added to most tanks but often it seems fell off the early Stug’s or were taken off in the field.

These three tanks don’t have any Schürzen at all and have a blotchy camo style which is similar but not the same as the scheme I have used before. As I have mentioned before, from my research on the subject, the pattern and colours were often decided and done by the crews themselves. That means there was a lot of variation in the colours and styles, especially across different units. I like the overall effect of this scheme though so I keep using it.

I always seem to have a challenge with the tracks on these tanks. I find trying to get a good and realistic look is an issue (for me at least). Still these are decent and I think the mud/rusty look seems to fit this German tank colour very well. It works for me so I guess, which is the main thing after all.

The next two tanks have a different gun – I believe making them actually the StuH 42’s which mounted a variant of the 10.5 cm leFH 18 howitzer. However, although this is true and could be used as such in games, I am not a ‘tread head’ or such a detail person. I like to use the right models for things but not to such a level that the exact right variant model must be used if I don’t have it. So I may well just use these as command tanks etc – the different gun being an easy way to differentiate them on the table.

You can see these have the same colors but striped camouflage not spots. I must say I do like the variation in the different material on the top/back of the models. Battlefront are good at that. I suspect these are actually still too clean for real tanks in most cases – after all as crew the main place you can store stuff is on top of the vehicle. But it gives a nice variation in the models.

Lastly for this post are a couple of Tigers. These are from the resin company I have used and talked about in the past. I am still careful with the barrels but so far these seem to be holding up ok. The models are very similar in size to the Battlefront ones and so I can’t complain about them.

They do not have as much detail as battlefront models but are still ok when painted. They will definitely do the job on the table, although if I was to buy them again I’d likely go for the Zvezda kits these days. Still two more Tigers can only help my German forces.

Well there we are. These are nice additions to my German forces and will get some use when I get Germans back on the table.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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