Dark Age – Heavy foot swordsman

So far I have shown the heavy foot spearmen and some elite spear guys for this project. These are for generic Dark age forces but many of the models used so far have been from Saxon figures – well that’s what the manufactures sell them as. I think it’s hard to have too much of a good thing (in 15mm models at least) so I think I should show some more heavy foot bases. These ones are definitely swordsmen/blades as there is only the occasional spear in amongst them.

You can see there are another 20 DBA style bases – so that’s 10 bases of ADLG or games such as Dux Brit/Longships where I plan to use either 1 or 2 bases for an element. We’ll see when/if I get to playing those games. Oh and yes this does means there is another 80 figures completed in this post!

As with the previous posts I’ll keep the photo’s to a limited level with just a close up of the fronts and backs of the different groups of figures.

The first base include a some half naked fighters. These can be berserkers if the game allows such, if not then they will be slightly different troops, who thing that their shields and ferocity alone is enough defense for them! Overall though as I hinted at above I believe there would be much ‘fashion difference’ between 7th and 10th cent peoples clothing between the Saxons, Angles, Jutes, Britains, Franks, Vikings etc. Hair styles may vary and yes there would be differences but by the time you get to 15mm figs and my painting level I’m pretty certain I use these figures for any of the Levy/fyrd type forces. i.e. the general common infantry! The more professional forces would be different and that’s why I have my elite bases but these are the common infantry of a large army.

These all use the same basing flock etc as the rest of the figures I have done and thus they will match with the others. This means that for games such as Dux Brit it won’t really matter whether I use the spear or sword guys for the games. It’s things like ADLG where that matters.

They are still the scruffy and as you can see I have kept to the generally dark colours for them. The randomness and palette is getting to me a little though and I’ll need to change soon and move to some other figures. I love 15mm but even I can only take so much of this dark age figure before needing to swap for a little. That said I am really enjoying painting 15mm figs. There is something I really like about the scale, much more than 28 or 10/6mm.

As you can see I also kept to doing all the shields by hand and trying to make them individual. I know transfers would be so much cleaner in look but that just does not really fit with the style of these figs. Dark age masses would be chaotic and I can see lots of self made shields. I just don’t see ‘great artists’ working on the wooden shields of this period – but then again I may be mistake. Just wait though, eventually when I do Ancient Greek hoplites I likely will try to use transfers for those.

These are all Saxon’s or similar figures from Old Glory 15mm. As you can see many (but not all) have chainmail armour. That means in games such as Peter Pig’s Longships these will likely be armored bases. For Dux Brit they will be suitable for most of the Saxon troops – but as I mentioned I may well use the elite troops show previously in the front rank to show that they are elite.

You can see in the bases above and below, a few kite shields in with mix. These have crept into the bases as I had the figures. I doubt that those took over all of a sudden so I have mixed them into the troops here. Call these guys trend setters if you like! Those bases really do sit in the end of the 11th cent though but I doubt anyone is going to get too upset if I use them for earlier troops by accident.

Finally, like I did for the spearmen here is a shot from above. This is to show the flocking a little but I’m not sure that really works. The 15mm deep bases mean that even from this view it’s hard to see too much of the basing.

This takes me to 50 DBA bases – or 25 ‘doubled up’ bases of standard or mediocre heavy foot which should be enough for most games I would think. Even with big games and using 4 bases for a unit that gives me 12 units which is enough for 3 divisions – with some support.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Dark Age – Heavy foot swordsman

  1. Le Bim says:

    Impressive works ! This scale is always challenging but results are stunning!

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