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Dark Age – Command and mounted

After doing a selection of Dark Age (mainly Saxon/Anglo-Saxon or similar troops to be honest), I’m not though with that yet. So, it’s time to show the commanders for these troops. I have done 6 command stands for them. These … Continue reading

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Dark Ages – Skirmishers

After showing the heavy foot for my Saxon/Dark Age armies it seems like a good idea to now show the skirmishers. These are not that common in Vikings/Saxons armies but do appear more in other forces of the time. However, … Continue reading

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Dark Age – Dane Axe Heavy Foot

So, back to the 15mm Dark Age project, and a fairly quick one really this week. I have continued to work on this and next up are 12 bases of ‘Dane Axe’ armored heavy infantry. These are likely to be … Continue reading

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WILDLANDS – Adventurers and Unquiet Dead

After the series of 15mm posts I though it time to close out the Wildlands posts – especially as some kind of similar game is due out soon. That is a Judge Dredd version which is about to be released, … Continue reading

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