Dark Age – Dane Axe Heavy Foot

So, back to the 15mm Dark Age project, and a fairly quick one really this week. I have continued to work on this and next up are 12 bases of ‘Dane Axe’ armored heavy infantry. These are likely to be elite or at least special heavy foot bases in games. They are again Old Glory 15’s miniatures and show their late Anglo-Saxon/Viking/Dane styling with knee length mail coats, simple helmets and a mixture of round kite shields.

I thought this time I’d show the 4 bases I did with individual shield styles on first. I admit I found the kite shields quite hard to do a decent pattern on by hand. There is not a great deal of space on them, but I managed to give them each a different pattern. I tried to use brighter colours as well, because these guys likely would have more cash to throw around on such things.

Below are the other 8 bases of these troops. Hopefully, you can see that these all have the same shield patterns on a base, and I actually did 2 bases the same way. That means 4 ADLG bases of troops of this style. That uniformity reflects their elite nature as well, because I expect their welders to be huscarl’s or other ‘professional warriors’. After all from my understanding the Dane axe (or English long axe) was a real warriors weapon, being roughly the height of a man and taking quite a bit of skill and strength to use correctly. There is a picture of a Saxon with such a long axe killing a Norman Knights horse (he is taking it’s head off with a blow) and dismounting the knight on the Bayeux Tapestry. So these were deadly weapons in skilled hands – or at least the Norman who faced them thought they were!

The Dane axe is also known to have been used by the Varangian Guard fot Byzantium. So if I ever get to do a force of those then they could maybe work for them – but that’s a long way off at this point. But this again goes to show that these were not for the unskilled to use – we hear of the weapon being used by the best of the best of that period of foot troops.

For now these just give me some more elite heavy foot for games. They will give me options compared to the elite spears I showed earlier. These are suitable for any Dane, Viking, or Anglo-Saxon force. They would even work for an occasional English Heavy foot in the 11th or maybe early 12 cent from places where the old ways have not been completed replaced by Norman influences yet.

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