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Zombicide – Black Plague Skeletal Archers

As the spooky season is upon us, well it is October and the North American Stores and TV now are working hard to tell us that anyway. Those that have not started the run up to Christmas already of course…<sigh>, … Continue reading

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Age of Arthur game of Sword and Spear

Two weeks ago week I hosted a game of Sword and Spear for the guys. It’s been busy at work and I have not had chance to finish this write up before this so you get it now. We had … Continue reading

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Warcry – Undead Legions of Nagash

So the new game from Game Workshop is Warcry and like many others I have bought into this. I like most of the models, but what really gets me is the small footprint, and fairly quick resolution of the game. … Continue reading

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