Warcry – Rest of the base terrain set

So this is the second post of the Warcry terrain from the base set. This completes my painting of the terrain from that set terrain. This terrain has been done in the same way as the buildings and using the same colours. You’ll likely see a lot of this in the end, as I am using Warcry and it’s terrain packs as an excuse to build up my terrain collection.

First we have the ruined bell tower building. Those of you who play Warcry and use the GW terrain builds may also notice I did not put the hanging skeleton in cages on this building. That’s because I can see those being knocked off really easily. It also would restrict the uses of this quite a bit and I do want to keep these generic as much as I can. They really did not make much difference to line of site etc. Also I have other plans for them – maybe a separate little gallows base is my though.

Next is the head of Sigmar and the platform which can but put on top of that. As per the correct instructions for the terrain cards I did not glue the platform on the head or fasten the end gate or stairs to the platform. Overall, I really like how the contrast colours have come out on all these items.

It could validly be claimed that the wood is a little too light, but overall I like the final effect. The wood colour also seem to work and stand out from the two stone colours I have used. I am concerned about using the grey for large static pieces but we’ll see on that.

The last pictures are the throw terrain pieces, platforms and stairs etc from the set. These are great space fillers and make for barriers and cover. They also allow the different building to be connected together in interesting ways making a fighting levels on the buildings as well as on the ground.

So below is just an example of the types of combination layouts which you can use the WARCRY building and this terrain. The different elevations and the number of combinations that you can use this makes me really impressed with this set from GW. The picture below is just using the items shown in this post. With the 4 buildings shown last week this can be a lot more complex.

There we are – I said there would be a couple of quick posts on this terrain from the Warcry box. Overall this is very impressive stuff from GW. Not cheap but not that expensive for what you get,

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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