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Warcry – Defiled ruins terrain

I still have to get to painting the figures that came with the standard Warcry box, but I have already attacked an extra terrain box – this one the Ravaged Lands: Defiled Ruins set. These have been done in the … Continue reading

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Hail Caesar – Mini-review and game

Just before Christmas we did another game with my 6mm Dark Age figures. Each time we are using a different set of rules to see which ones we like with this scale. The aim is to get a fast, but … Continue reading

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Dark Ages – Javelin men & civilian hordes

So time to show some more of my finished Dark Age figures. This time it’s a selection of different troops. The first set all have 3 figures on a base and are armed with javelins or throwing weapons. In the … Continue reading

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Warcry – a quick review and game

Wow how time flies… it’s nearly a month since I had a gaming Saturday with Ernie and we played Warcry. I took some pictures and said I would put them up here, so I thought I better get on that. … Continue reading

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Dark Ages – Archers

In the Dark Ages formed bowmen units were rare. The bow was a hunting weapon and some were used in war but they were not the most effective weapons. The power of them and the large shields, helmets and mail … Continue reading

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