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40k – Chaos Marines

I remember MANY years ago when I queued up to get a new game by Games Workshop – called Warhammer 40k Rouge Trooper. That was in the distant past and I guess I am aging myself to say that was … Continue reading

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Dark Age – More Medium foot

It’s been a while since I showed some of the continuing work on my Dark Age 15mm armies. So, it is time to show some more medium foot – another 20 bases of 3 figures per base medium infantry. These … Continue reading

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l’Art de la Guerre – 6mm game and review

I have been playing a few Art de la Guerre (ADLG) ancient games in the last little while to learn the rules. So, one of the guys suggested that we try the rules set with the 6mm figures I have … Continue reading

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Christmas tidy up – other stuff

This is my second and last post on the tidy up of projects from my painting desk over the Christmas break. This time it’s some ancients and other items which have been on there a while or even jumped the … Continue reading

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2019 Desk clean up – WW2 stuff

I have a permanent painting desk, but it tends to get filled with part done projects – as well as paint and tools etc. I’m a bit of a messy/disorganized person anyway so that does not help. I also paint … Continue reading

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