Christmas tidy up – other stuff

This is my second and last post on the tidy up of projects from my painting desk over the Christmas break. This time it’s some ancients and other items which have been on there a while or even jumped the queue like the first one below.

I have been planning to rebase a few of my Ottoman commander bases for ADLG/Hail Caesar etc. When I decided I was going to use the army over the Xmas period for a game the priority of that made me do it. So this was a project I did get on with. These are for use/part of my big 15mm Ottoman army.

I did not paint any of these, as they had already been painted. I just took 2 of my 40x30mm deep bases with 3 figs on them (who were generals), popped off the figures and rebased them. At some point I’ll show more pictures of that force, but it was painted before I had this blog.

I did not want to have all the bases have a single figure on them, so I did one with 2 commanders. This can be my CinC if I need it. These figures are from OldGlory15’s. I still have enough figures for commanders on bases if I need to use them of course.

Next are a unit of dogs for a Saga force in 28mm. The Irish I believe are allowed a single unit of these and they had been based and undercoated a long time ago. So it was time to get them finished.

These are from Gripping Beast. I had hoped that there was more than 2 sculpts of dog but that’s what is in the pack. I was not that impressed with the fig sculpt really. They are proto-Irish wolf hounds but it’s fairly basic.

Lastly for this post is one of the Reaper fantasy buildings. This is good for 28mm although a little odd- it’s a tent made with large tusks/bones which are the support. This is from the Bones range and that tends to mean that it’s a cost effective way of getting terrain.

You can see the 28mm dog handler in the above picture to give some scale for the model. For the price I can’t complain at all on the size or quality of this model.

I thought about trying to make the supports look more like branches but that did not seem easy to do it. So I did not bother. This will work for fantasy terrain. It’s a shame as if the supports were branches this would be very useful for a historical terrain price.

So there we are. A slightly cleaner painting desk – but don’t worry I’m sure it will get filled up again very quickly. It already has several new projects on it…

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. Markus Sharaput says:

    I love the tusk hut!

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