40k – Chaos Marines

I remember MANY years ago when I queued up to get a new game by Games Workshop – called Warhammer 40k Rouge Trooper. That was in the distant past and I guess I am aging myself to say that was during my first year of university. That year and to a lesser extent the subsequent ones we played a lot of games of 40k, but I never really painted figures of my own for the games. There was a group of excellent painters around who were really into the game. So I used their figures- thanks again guys if you ever read this, as we had many fun days of gaming back then. Shame their skills never really rubbed off onto me though, as I’m just an ok painter still after all these years.

Why do I bring this up, you may ask. Well, I like to look at the bargain bins of local stops and shows and have built up a small collection of Chaos Space Marines over the last few years. I like the models but only a couple had any more than undercoat on them, and none were finished. So I decided it was high time I got around to painting some of these. For the record I don’t plan on playing 40k (or even kill team) any time soon, but these will be useful for many other skirmish game rules, set in the 40k world. Games like Galactic Heroes, Star Breach and Supersystem are much more likely to see their use.

So here I’m showing my first ever Marines (of either type), that I have painted. There are 15 of them in this post – more than enough for skirmish or gang games that I want to play. Each of the sets has a front and back of the different figures shown below.

I have no idea what Chaos Space Marine chapter/legion these guys would be from. To be honest I just kind of went with some of the half painted models that was in the set. I liked that look and ‘finished it off’ for the models. Reds, yellows, blue/grey and black work well together so it a bit of a ‘no brainier’ really. The colours imply that this would be one with a focus on Khorne, but that does not help that much. I guess that gives me the ability to come up with my own name and chapter for them if I want too.

The figures include a few models with heavy weapons – the figure below in the center has a heavy machine gun of some kind, as an example. I know some people into 40k may know all has a different weapons etc but it’s good enough for me to know that every 5 man squad can have a heavy weapon armed figure.

The last set of figures below include another heavy weapons guy plus 2 models which could be leaders of squads etc. Even these guys have kept with the same basic scheme. You can also see I did a basic grey/concrete style basing for them, with a black rims on the bases. I plan on using that for all my 40k models, as its easy and generic as well. It’s done using one of the GW texture pants and then some dry brushing.

So there we are another set of toys done and ready for the table. They are not to the level of the competition painters which GW seems to encourage at times in magazines like White Dwarf, but at the same time are nice and more than acceptable for a table – much more than unpainted models. I have various other models from similar sources and will build a small army I guess of figures using this colour scheme and then I’ll move on to try ‘another force’.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to 40k – Chaos Marines

  1. I like the predominant red/yellow scheme – they look really good! Because I know an absolute minimum about WH40K, I can’t judge them in comparison to how others think they might look (but I know they’re not Nurgle-y because there’d be more snot evident)! I like ’em! :_)

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