Warcry – Crypt terrain

It’s time to show some more Warcry terrain I feel. I have actually finished quite a bit of this stuff and really like how it’s come out in the end. I am a big fan of the terrain – there is only one thing worse than playing with rubbish terrain, and that is playing with unpainted figures. Unpainted toys on the table is something I avoid doing if I can help it. The Warcry focus on terrain has allowed me to build up a nice collection of 28mm terrain for games.

So above you can see the painted building of the crypt set for Warcry. These are all done with the contrast paints for the walls – so they ft into the buildings I already have done. I tried a few techniques for the roofs and in the end went with a dark blue with black washes. That’s not contrast paints – mainly because the completely flat surfaces really don’t work with those paints.

I also went for dull metallic framing of the roof panels as that seems to be in character for such buildings. Sms of the buildings come with bases but I’ll show them in a separate post, as I did not glue them to those so I can either have figs in the building’s or even use them separately.

I purposely did these to fit into the other terrain I have for Warcry. I know some of the card layouts do use a mixture of sets. It allows me to mix and match the bits as well without an issue. I also tried to make each of the building a little bit unique. I was going to do some slogans/images on the walls but realized that would limit their use a lot. At present they can be used for anything from fantasy through to ultra-modern games, such as Judge Dredd.

Above you can see the green of a bush is modelled on the kit. I then did dark red roses/flowers on. The dark green leaves and dark red roses etc seem to fit with my view of this terrain. I did not want anything too bright, it would be out of place.

Below you can see the other thing that comes with this set, which are a series of fence walls. Below are a small selection of them, again I’ll show the rest in another post. They do have a collection of skulls on them which is typical of GW, but that’s ok. GW seem to have to have skulls or spikey bits on them for them to be happy. It would have been nice for those to be optional. Still, you can see more of the green rose bushes on these as well.

Overall, I have been impressed with the Warcry terrain and this set is another that paints up well and is nice and solid. Maybe not the cheapest way of getting terrain but it works and is adding to my collection in a good way.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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3 Responses to Warcry – Crypt terrain

  1. Nice! Creepy! They’ve come out well! 🙂

  2. Marvin says:

    It all looks great – wonderfully gothic! 🙂

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