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B-Sieged – Gargohs

So one of the kickstarters I had bought into quite a few years ago, was a game called B-Sieged from CMON. It has sat downstairs unloved and unpainted for quite some time. We have recently tried the game and it’s … Continue reading

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Green Gang Cowboys

I seem to have generated a few draft posts/photo’s of things I did a long time ago which I have not shown so far. So this is a quick post of some figs like that, as I have had these … Continue reading

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Dark Age – Elite Swordsman

This week I though I’d show some more of my 15mm troops I have finished. These are elite heavy swordsmen/Blades for more Dark Age games. There are 5 ADLG or 10 DBx bases. I have these as Elite as the … Continue reading

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Chaos Marines – Terminators and a Hero

Hmm… after a Cthulhu Pandemic post last week there was the official declaration of a real Pandemic this week <sigh>. So, let’s get back to toys and games. This week I’m going to show some more GW Chaos Marines that … Continue reading

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Cthulhu Pandemic

Ok I notice I see to have had quite a few GW focused posts recently so time to change it up. This post shows off a true board game and one I have painted up for play. I have to … Continue reading

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