B-Sieged – Gargohs

So one of the kickstarters I had bought into quite a few years ago, was a game called B-Sieged from CMON. It has sat downstairs unloved and unpainted for quite some time. We have recently tried the game and it’s ok. I would not say it was brilliant, but it played decent enough to get painted at least.

In this time of being locked in and not able to do much on a weekend, I thought I would drag it out and get some paint on it. This is the first of a series of posts you’ll see as I try to hammer though this kickstarter to get it ‘ready for the table’. In fact I realized I have a load such projects which I really need to either start or get rid off. So, this may be the first of several of these get it done projects.

Below are the collected Gargohs – yes a weird name for these models but what the heck. All the opponent models in the base game have weird names – these are basically ‘Lava Toads’ as far as I am concerned and I call them that.

Below is a close up of one of these things. The background of the game is these and their buddies are assaulting a city and the players have to get a messenger out and back in within a year (12 turns) before the city falls. These are nasty ‘second level’ baddies which bombard the city and heroes from range.

The models are ok, but not great IMO. There are 16 of the above standard guys. They are lead by the same type of creature but being ridden by small Krohns, which is another type of baddie who you will see more of later. You can see that leader model below in close up.

Each group of baddies which spawns has one of these leaders plus a number of the standard ones in it. So, having these is important for the game. I have to say though that they are not a greatest models to me. They are interesting but the ‘lava toad’ really does not do a lot for me. I could maybe see me using these as a standard monster in general games (especially a Super hero/pulp game with a volcano theme) but they would not be a high up on my list of choices.

Still they are done now and they are the first of a new set of figs for this new project ‘arc’. As stated I’m not super thrilled by these models but heck they are done. Now I can move onto the next models in this project…

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to B-Sieged – Gargohs

  1. Well, I quite like ’em! And they’re certainly different, so well done for getting them painted! 🙂

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