Even more Cowboys

Well like my last post on Cowboys, this one has models which have been done for a while and needed to get shown off. It’s time to show them off the the world now. That means I can then clear this lot off the list of things which I have to post about, which is a good thing if nothing else. It also means I can then delete the pictures from my phone, where I take these shots and claim some of my storage space back…

These are the last set of Wild West figs I have to show for a while. The first 3 are models which came with one of the Old Glory Wild West sets, but have very limited use for general games. The two ‘being shot’ models are interesting but lets be honest not that useful. If I play some ‘Pulp’ games then these can be plot points or something like that but they are not much other than as display items otherwise.

The Sniper may have more use but still it is a very specific figure and pose so won’t have that much use in many games as a player model. However, I can see this as being quite useful as an NPC character in some cases. A good reason for figures to keep to cover is the risk of a sniper ‘in the hills’.

The next set are three long coated guys. Now these can be lawmen like in the movies or even upstanding citizens protecting their town. They all have fairly dark clothing as is typical for this time period. The coat is a ‘rich mans’ coat in all cases so these will not be a run of the mill holmium. Gamblers or lawmen for sure. They all also have a nice set of facial hair, which again is in character for the period.

These models will work for pretty much any group of characters in the west. They are nice to be included in the painted set of figures I have available for games. You can see the basing is as simple as ever for these figs. At some point I may move them all onto 25mm raised bases but for now they are on pennies with just a dusty/sandy/muddy look to it.

Lastly, for this post, I have another collection of other characters. These figures are all Old Glory miniatures and most of them are ok but not great. The Mexican is actually a nice figure and one which has a bit of character to it.

I do find that with the hats, some of the faces can have poor on these models. That’s not a major issue and you likely can expect that a little but the middle figure here is an example of that. That said when playing games you are not going to see the face so it’s not like it’s a real problem. That’s compared to the other two models in this set. Now I’m sure a better painter could have solved that, but in my aim to get these done I did not bother and so he is a bit faceless.

So there we are, another set of 9 models done for my Wild West games. Again not the best models I have done but they are OK for more games. I may try to use my wild west figs for a set of Pulp games at some point as well, you never know…

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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