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Additional Warring States troops

I have had these done for a while so the time seemed right to show them off I especially as I really am busy doing 1 to 1 scale painting – of the house. With the social distancing etc and … Continue reading

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Dark Age – Viking or heavy foot swordsmen

OK so after the various posts with lots of 28mm figs I thought it is time to show more of my 15mm production. So here we have the core troops of my Viking horde. In ADLG game terms these are … Continue reading

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Deadzone – Mercenary sci-fi figs

This is a post showing models which I have have completed and had photo’s of for quite a while. So it’s definitely time to get them up here on the blog. The Deadzone game is one that I got a … Continue reading

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40k – Possessed Khorne Chaos Marines

As I have shown in the past, I started doing some 40k chaos figures. The reason, well ‘just because’ as much as any thing. I have some have have liked the background since it’s launch (yes I really did queue … Continue reading

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