40k – Possessed Khorne Chaos Marines

As I have shown in the past, I started doing some 40k chaos figures. The reason, well ‘just because’ as much as any thing. I have some have have liked the background since it’s launch (yes I really did queue up to buy the first book the day of release), but I have no idea where that book is now.

I have done and shown some basic Chaos Marines and some Chaos Terminators. However, one of the set of figures which always seems to pull at me in the 40k range are the Possessed Chaos Marines. I know these are not the greatest in the game but I don’t really care – they are weird models and fun the paint. I used this set as the core ‘Chaos Warriors’ for a Bloodbowl Chaos team many years ago (they are somewhere shown on this blog), but as I had some more of these in the lead/plastic pile it seemed only right to pull them out and add them to my small Khorne 40k faction.

So here I have five of them ready for the tabletop. I must admit I found these hard to finish for some reason. Lots of detail and character in the models but they are also quite ‘fiddley’. These are I suspect the last Chaos Marines I’ll paint for a while, as that has slowed my ardor with doing these a little. Still they are done now and give another option for forces ‘skirmish games’ etc.

Each of these models is quite different and so they do creates a real feeling of the oddness of Chaos. I think I got these a long time ago, second hand and they had been put together by someone else. I actually am not the greatest in building plastic kits so that was ok for me. I often get second hand plastic which has been built but not painted as I don’t get as much enjoyments from the plastic kit building as the ‘slapping paint around’ but of the hobby.

These last two have the even more unusual heads as well. I was tempted to do the one on the right with a read head as well as the others, but decided that the grey would be an interesting contrast, which does seem to work. Otherwise they will be all red which is just not that fun on the table.

So there we are, more models ready for the table. These should be an interesting set of models to play with. Now I just have to figure out what game(s) to use them in. Although I like the 40k background I have not played that game in MANY years and I suspect I have way too few models to play true 40k. Also the last time I tried the new Necromunda I was not impressed – too many die rolls got in the way of a good game. I have loads of skirmish games though so I’m, not really short of rules just inspiration to learn and try them.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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