Deadzone – Mercenary sci-fi figs

This is a post showing models which I have have completed and had photo’s of for quite a while. So it’s definitely time to get them up here on the blog. The Deadzone game is one that I got a long time ago (via a kickstarter) and have slowly been painting the miniatures for. I must admit I have never played the game though. I got it for the terrain which lets be honest I have not done anything with yet (sigh), but I have painted the figures.

These are from the mercenaries faction of the game. First we have a female human (the leader I think) and a couple of flying drones. I must admit these photo’s are not the greatest so you’ll have to forgive that. The models are a little so-so IMO but maybe thats my painting of them and the fact that sci-fi is not really my core interest. That said, they will do for the occasional sci-fi skirmish game that I play. For someone who is not that interested in Sci-fi I do seem to have a decent number of models for that style of game…

I have to say the concept of drones in games is fun but these models just don’t really do it for me. But heck they were part of the deal so they got painted. The flight stands really don’t do much for me either but these came with the game so they get painted. I am not investing in better clear ones for something which is rarely going to get used.

The next models are two cyber-lion-dog things. These are another weird set of models and maybe I should have just gone for a yellow colours on them. However, I wanted them to look more unusual than that – if it were possible. So thats why I did a brown and a white one.

These will have a variety of uses. I can see using them used for various games and settings – whether part of this group or just as cyber-guard animals etc. The models with the big box on their back actually remind me of the ‘dog mines’ tried by the by the Russians in WW2.

The next figures are three ‘space monkey’ type aliens. Two of the figures are the same pose but I painted them differently. Note, repeat poses in 28mm really annoy me and is one reason I dislike the warmahordes troop figs as they have a bad habit of repeating the same fig multiple times. These will be good for standard alien/mutant types in various games I’m sure. I can see their use in everything from Judge Dredd to Galaxy defenders.

I tried to make these look like they are wearing space/jump suits as you see in most of the TV shows for space costumes. I also did not want to really make them look too monkey style so they have more of a green/brown/yellow finish. This is to try top give them more of a reptilian look. Not sure if that comes through on these pictures though.

Next we have the big hitter of the group. This is a battle lizard or something. At core just another interesting alien and a big one. I really did more of a traditional dinosaur style colours for this one. Yes, before the comments are made I know they now say it’s likely many dinosaur’s had simple proto-feathers/furs vs the original lizard look. When I grew up though they were all big lizards.

Below is a better shot of this guy. I’m not sure if it really has a shell or it is a more likely a space lizard armored suit. Either way it sort of works. I like how they also made his weapons ‘non-traditional’ shapes so as to make it look more alien. It does look like something that you would not want to have an argument with either way.

You can see the back of the armored shell below. I must admit I quite like that mantic have done something different with this big alien and it’s weapons. At least they avoided the classic looking Star Wars/Trek type alien for this.

Lastly for this post are 3 more aliens. Again 2 of these are same model pose but at least this time they have different guns. The middle one seems to have 4 arms vs arms and legs which is a fun little difference.

I tried again to make sure that the aliens did have a non human look to them and I think that works. They only have 3 fingers as well! Being mercenaries I made sure there was no real theme or single colour pallet for these figures as well.

So there we are another set of mini’s shown here. As I mentioned I can see these being use for various games – not Deadzone but they work well for generic alien mercenaries or mutants. I have looking but resisting the temptation for the Strontium dog/Judge Dredd games but these would work well for that…

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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3 Responses to Deadzone – Mercenary sci-fi figs

  1. A nice range of minis there, and all looking good! 🙂 I do like the dogs!

  2. Argentbadger says:

    Good painting. I think that these chaps will come in handy as randoms for all sorts of your games; as you say they’ll be amazing for Strontium Dog! The only ones I’m not mad about are the cyber-dog-thingies; there’s just something about the chainsaw inside the mantrap-mouth that seems a bit excessive.

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