Dark Age – Viking or heavy foot swordsmen

OK so after the various posts with lots of 28mm figs I thought it is time to show more of my 15mm production. So here we have the core troops of my Viking horde.

In ADLG game terms these are Heavy foot swordsman – in DBA they are blades. There are 32 DBA bases of them here. That’s 16 ADLG bases or as you see 8 Hail Caesar etc type units. Note, although I say these are Vikings they will work for most Northern European (British/German even Russian) troops who fought in close formations and did not use spears. They should be good for a the 8th to 11th cent period as well- maybe even a little later in some area’s. Most of the figures have mail armour coats and nearly all have a large round shield. They are armed with a combination of swords and axes.

As per normal for me in these bigger posts I’ll try to do a few close ups of these troops to show some detail but I won’t do that for every base etc.

You can see from the rear shot of the ones above, that most of these guys have a mail tunic, but it is often not all the way down the arm. They also have helmets. You can see can not a set of horns in the lot, as they really did not do that. The Victorians I believe are responsible for that myth.

I tried really hard to make most of the shields unique – or at least on a per base they are. Some of them like the set below are fairly plain. That will allow me to use some of these bases as average/inferior troops. After all I can’t see every guy painting the shield as they tended to be one use battle items. Also the poorer troops likely would not bother at all. Swords and axes should have lasted a long time but the shields would rarely survive ‘sustained contact with the enemy’.

From these two photo’s you can also see that I have each figure with a different combination of clothing colours. This is a bit of a paint to do but looks more realistic to me in the end of the day. As always for this period I used darker shades vs anything bright.

I believe all these models are from Old Glory 15’s. They seem to be a good source for me over the years. For these type of troops they have enough sets and figure poses to make the forces look suitably random.

You can also easily tell that I paint the shields myself. Although they could be crisper and better done by others I think they came out ok. After all this is not the period of formal heraldry.

The basing follows the general style that I have used for all the other figures in my Dark Age figured, so these will match up nicely to those. With 15mm wide bases there is a serious limit to what you can do anyway.

One of the things many people do is not cover all the base with greenery. They leave some soil etc which tends to look good on bases. However, growing up in the rural area’s of UK I saw how rare ‘bare soil’ really is Northern Europe. Especially I would think for this time frame. So I do that more for Mediterranean basing but not ones like this. These get a near full coverage of plants etc.

These bases are definitely not works of art but they will do really well on the table – which is my aim after all. I like the overall effect they give as well. I my end up gluing some of these together but I have not dine that yet.

The last lot include 2 bases of ‘Berserkers’ or at least nutters who are going into combat with just pants vs. with full armour. They do have some shields but they are easy to spot on the table. These should be good for that rare unit of such madmen which are in some army lists. I can use them for Elite units as well.

The other two bases in this group show figures without armour. These are again great candidates for poor/average troops. I purposely tried to do a few of those bases like this as I had the figs vs mixing those figures into the standard bases.

So there we are. A big set of toys today but these will get use in lots of different armies and rules sets over time.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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10 Responses to Dark Age – Viking or heavy foot swordsmen

  1. Looking good mate. I am wondering whether to go 6, 10 or 15mm next.

    • mellis1644 says:

      Thanks, if you do both sides it is whatever you like. 😉 I do find 6mm a different ‘skill set’ than 10 and 15’s though.

      • I have a pile of fantasy 6mm from Irregular. I must have had them at least 20 years. Bought them in York when the show was in the old Merchant Venturers Hall.

      • mellis1644 says:

        I have some 6mm in the same boat… I like the final look of that scale being a ‘real army’ but they just don’t really give me the same feeling when painting them.

  2. They all look good to me! 🙂 I can’t paint people smaller than 20mm so well done! Your comment on grass-covered bases is very relevant I think – I do mine as patchy grass and earth just to break it up a bit visually, accepting that it’s not really correct (some people might call that artistic licence, but it could just be me being slapdash)!

    • mellis1644 says:

      Thanks. I agree that the broken up look does work really well and look good but I just can’t do it for these Northern Europeans…My challenge will be when I do Normans as I’d like to morph them into 1st Crusaders as well and too much green will be a problem for them 🙂

  3. Awesome. I think you’ve done well with the shields

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