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B-Sieged walls and extra’s

OK a quick one this week. In the B-sieged game the attackers try to destroy the fortress city that the heroes are defending. In the normal game you mark the damage to different bits of the castle by use of … Continue reading

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Chaos Cultists – The Changed

I have a a soft spot of chaos cultists. Not sure why – they are definitely not the best at anything in the 40k game or background, but they hit that ‘dark spot’ for me somehow. Maybe it’s something about … Continue reading

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FW-190 for Blood Red Skies

I always said that I would focus on the Battle of Britain (and maybe Malta) for this game but the FW-190’s just called to me a while back when I was at one of the local stores that had them … Continue reading

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Deadzone – Rest of the Merc’s

So time to finish showing the rest of the Deadzone miniatures which I had actually painted quite a while back. These are from the mercenary faction and are an eclectic mix of models. The paint jobs are not competition level … Continue reading

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B-Sieged Heroes and Messenger

As I mentioned last week I have now started a new major painting project – my house! Some real 1 to 1 scale painting and that took up just about all of the weekend. This should save some money compared … Continue reading

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