B-Sieged Heroes and Messenger

As I mentioned last week I have now started a new major painting project – my house! Some real 1 to 1 scale painting and that took up just about all of the weekend. This should save some money compared to getting it done professionally though, and although it takes time I am a decent house painter. That does mean my plan for doing loads of toy solider work with the lock in has sort of gone awry though – the best laid plans as they say.

Anyway, I thought I would start the month by showing the final set of miniatures from the core B-Sieged game. These are the characters and the messenger figure. These close out all the figures needed for the base game. I looked for a good piece for artwork with all these characters on and did not really find one. The one below is ok I guess and gives the style of the figs artwork in the game as well.

In the game the figures are markers really for the player location on the board, so their base sizes don’t matter. I will show the smaller based ones figures followed by the larger ones. Each hero has special abilities in play etc which reflect their character, but I’ll not go into that here.

In this first set you can see the heroic elf lady, the mercenary and the wizard. I have tried to make them close to the artwork in the game. I find that this really helps players (and me) identify which character is which on the table and is the main reason for painting them, other than pure esthetics.

Next, are the figures which are still human sized but are based on bigger bases. To be honest I’m still not sure what the middle figure is meant to be holding – he is a miner I guess but it’s a weird weapon. Still I tried to reflect the artwork and even get the silver/blue look of the drill bit.

Overall I was quite happy with how these came out – but the hero artwork in the character sheets is way too big to really show here with the figures. Thats the reason for the picture above to give you some context. I have a whole set of kickstarter heroes to paint which I will do at some point but at least the core set are done. I have the crossover cards so these can be used in Black Plague as well (and some of those heroes in this game) I believe.

Lastly, we have the messenger. In the base game this is a counter, even though it was a key part of the game. The kickstarter in the end gave 2 figs for this (different options) and this was one of them. I thought it odd that the base commercial game did not have this as a figure… I guess another sign that this was never really expected to do well in shops but aimed this game like many CMON ones at the kickstarter market.

So there we are, this all the base set is painted and ready for the table when we finally get back to playing with friends face to face again.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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4 Responses to B-Sieged Heroes and Messenger

  1. Markus Sharaput says:

    The guy with the giant drill looks fun 😉

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