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Dark Age – Viking or Saxon Command

I though I would show the extra command bases that I have finished for my Viking/Saxon armies. These are all on 40mm round bases and there are 8 of them. In theory you only need 4 at maximum for even … Continue reading

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Rum and Bones – undead pirate characters

Well as a change, I pulled out some models from an old but not yet finished project – my Rum and Bones Kickstarter. Time to finish the ‘hero’ characters from the undead faction. So here they are below. I must … Continue reading

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Dark Age – Buildings and Tents

I have done a lot of DarkAge troops in the last year – so time to show some of the ‘scenery’ for this project. First, a tent which can be used as a camp. This is a Baueda Viking tent … Continue reading

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Dark Age – Medium Foot Berserkers

Ok a simple one this time – back to my Dark Age project. This week just a couple of units of Viking Berserkers but this time based as medium foot/warbands. Some games such as ADLG allows this as an option … Continue reading

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