Dark Age – Buildings and Tents

I have done a lot of DarkAge troops in the last year – so time to show some of the ‘scenery’ for this project. First, a tent which can be used as a camp. This is a Baueda Viking tent so works well for a simple DBA camp etc for them.

I was not sure about the gold tent pole tops but they looked fun so why not! I do like that this is not just a simple tent but has some stuff in it – Barrels and a shield. I also did it a basic sail colour vs anything too flash.

Next a different tent – this one is I think from JM Models. It’s a simple round tent but will work for different forces. Again for both of these, I tried to ensure that I can use them for various forces. Putting a specific model on them would limit the armies I can use them with after all. So that’s why they are on their own and fairly simply done.

Next we have a Viking village. These are from the Forged in Battle range and are a nice resin set. I painted them using contrast paint for the wood which has seemed to come out well. These will be useful for various games. They will work for buildings for the a large range of periods, from the Roman period to early medieval in Northern Europe. They are a little small for real scale games but will work.

Talking real one to one scale, lastly I have some Saxon houses from 4Ground. These are again good for a long time period, I’m not sure when they explicitly start getting built like this but the late Roman period is possible. These are still valid for even modern games so they are pretty adaptable.

What is nice for these is the roofs come off as well. So they can be used for skirmish games as well as bigger ones. I could do more to customize them as they are a little ‘mdf square’ but for what I want in gaming I think these will be fine. I’m not spending extra time making the insides realistic – after all in most cases they will have models in them in a game if the roof is off. I have to say they go together well and the hardest bit was gluing the roofs and then painting them so they are not too plain.

These will give me a good selection of model buildings for my Dark Age and later games and a couple of models for camps as well.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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